How to Setup SQL Account Software: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The day when accounting was done on paper is long gone. Both large and small businesses employ automated accounting software nowadays to rapidly and securely manage financial concerns. However, in a quick-paced environment, corporate objectives may change too frequently for off-the-shelf technology to keep up. Because of this, businesses choose SQL Account Software more frequently. It aids in putting into practice any ideas—even unconventional ones—and modifies the software to fit specific corporate procedures.

If you need such a solution, you are in the right place. Here, we will show you how to get started with SQL account system development.

Definition of SQL Account Software

The accounting software is used by over 250,000 businesses to handle their everyday company operations. SQL Account users will be provided a financial standing overview of their customers and suppliers. It help business owners make better business risk assessment. Both domestic and foreign enterprises rely on SQL Accounts. SQL Account is a unique business software crammed with a tonne of helpful features explicitly made to improve your company’s operations. It is crucial to find a business solution that suits the nature of your business.

Data collecting and analysis, configurable reports to fit your company workflow, inventory, commission calculation, e-commerce solutions, and SST processing are just a few of SQL Account’s many features. Both a desktop application and a cloud-based SQL Account are accessible.

Throughout the use of our SQL software, we offer a wealth of resources to help you and your small business. High-quality support is included with SQL system. Why depend on self-search or robot-generated answers when you can get a qualified human to answer your questions in A-Plus?

Prerequisites for setting up SQL Account Software


For Standalone or Client (Workstation) PC


  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 and above (recommended with 64 bits windows)
  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • XGA – minimum of 16 bis colours recommended
  • Intel i5 and above computer
  • 4 GB of RAM (recommended 8 GB and above)
  • 10 GB of available hard disk space
  • Microsoft Windows Compatible Printer

 For Server PC


  • Firebird
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 and above (recommended with 64 bits windows)
  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • XGA – minimum of 16 bis colours recommended
  • Intel i5, i7 and above computer
  • 8 GB of RAM (recommended 12 GB and above)
  • 10 GB of available hard disk space (recommended use the Solid-State Drive (SSD) Disk)
  • Microsoft Windows Compatible Printer
  • 100 Base-T NIC


Installing The SQL Account Software


Learn how to set up SQL Accounts in a multi-user environment.

Step 1: Install Firebird Version

Visit the SQL page to download the firebird version.

(Depending if your Windows System type is 32 or 64 bits.)

Run Firebird setup.

  1. Press OK.
  2. Select I accept the agreement.
  3. Click 5 times Next.
  4. Make sure Run Firebird in SuperServer mode is selected. Press Next.
  5. Leave the SYSDBA password blank. Press Next.
  6. Press Install > Next > Finish.

Step 2: Window Firewall

Open Control Panel.

  1. Select Window Firewall > Advanced Setting > Inbound Rules > New Rules.
  2. Select Port > Next > TCP > Specific Local port = 3050 > Next 3 times.
  3. Name = Firebird > Finish.

Step 3: Network and Sharing Centre

Open Control Panel.

  1. Select Network and Sharing Center > Change Advanced Sharing Setting.
  2. Turn On Network Discovery.
  3. Turn On File and Printer Sharing.
  4. Turn On Public Folder Sharing.
  5. Turn On File Sharing Connection. Use 128-bit encryption to help protect file-sharing connections (recommended).
  6. Turn Off Password Protected Sharing.

Step 4: Share SQL Account Folder

Open My Computer.

  1. Go to C:eStreamSQLAccountingShare
  2. Right-click on the Share folder > Select Properties > Sharing > Advanced Sharing > Select Share this folder > Select Permissions > Tick Full Control > Press OK 2 times.
  3. Click on Security > Advanced > Change Permissions > Add > Everyone > Press OK > Tick Allow Full Control > Press OK 4 times.

Step 5: Install SQL Account

Run the SQL Account installer and use the default settings.

  1. Open SQL Account > Choose Advanced.
  2. Create Group > Click DCF Group > Click Save.
  3. Change Database Engine to Firebird Server.
  4. Test Connection > OK.


Client PC Setting

Install SQL Account on the user’s PC and use the default settings.

  1. Open SQL Account > Choose Advanced.
  2. Add Group > Select the Share Folder being shared from Server PC.
  3. Select Default. DCF file > Open.
  4. Double-click on the Firebird icon and proceed to log in.


SQL Account Features


General Ledger

SQL financial accounting is a top-of-the-line financial management tool with in-depth turnkey features to handle core financial operations. Accounting is the foundation of financial management, and SQL cloud accounting makes it possible to complete routine accounting tasks quickly, more accurately, and with less effort.

Customer & Supplier

Using our superior credit & debit management solution, you may improve your financial situation. Implementing a dependable collection and payment plan, receivables, and payable solutions assist businesses develop and maintain a durable brand image among their peers.

Sales Management

Since sales keep a firm operating, effective sales management is the key to success. In addition to automating the sales cycle, the SQL Sales Management system is a comprehensive tool that provides valuable information about the market, the goods, and important clients, empowering organisations to develop growth strategies carefully and expand a better business opportunities.

Purchase / Procurement

By unifying and automating every stage of the procure-to-pay process, the SQL Buy solution offers purchase & finance managers a quick and easy way to keep track of their business spending and boost procurement efficiency. Organisations will be able to handle many suppliers efficiently, meet customer expectations by promptly fulfilling orders, and empower staff by creating a transparent process flow by deploying accounting software SQL Purchase solution.

Stock / Inventory

Both regulated expenditures and sales drive profits. The SQL Inventory Management solution is a sure way to reduce expenses associated with managing inventory while boosting revenue. With the SQL Inventory Management system, you can prevent stock-outs and stockpiles and guarantee continued production and trade by keeping the right inventory quantities.

Sales and Service Tax

With SQL SST solution’s automated setting of sales and service taxes, you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to add the tax to your invoice. The completed SST report complies with legal requirements. The cloud accounting software system will populate all sales, purchases, export sales, exemptions for sales, and purchases.

What’s more in SQL Account?

a girl showing a questioning expression

Integration of WhatsApp with All Documents

Sending your business documents using WhatsApp can give you an edge! Since SQL Account was the first accounting programme to have a Whatsapp function, you can quickly email your clients documents like quotes, invoices, statements of accounts, and many others over Whatsapp.

Exclusive partnership with CTOS Malaysia

The sole accounting programme connected to CTOS Malaysia services is SQL Accounting. The complete credit reports from CTOS are immediately accessible to more than 250,000 SQL users. Through this software, CTOS comprehensive credit reports users may view recent financial results, blocklist history, and trade history.

Before signing commercial agreements, businesses may make the best possible decision by using this essential information. CTOS can help you protect your company.

Automate bank inputs and reconciliation

Utilise SQL Account to automate bank reconciliation. Manually reconciling each transaction is optional. For more than 20 Malaysian banks, the auto bank recon function of SQL Account is available. Every transaction in your system and every transaction with your bank will be matched by SQL’s system using AI matching. You may quickly produce OR/PV for mismatched transactions with the bank. With SQL Account, productivity may be increased and time saved.

Flexible Unlimited User-Defined Fields

SQL Account is the most powerful accounting software to serve small and large businesses. User-specified fields in SQL Account may be modified and adjusted. Using user-defined fields, you may design the ideal document to fit your business’s size and operations.

Salesman Commission Reports

Numerous commission calculation methods are supported by SQL Account. In addition to supporting multiple commission rates depending on stock groups and agents, we compute partial-payment and profit-margin-based commissions.

Advance security

For data privacy, this right accounting software offers the most excellent alternatives. You may have two access restrictions on what they can accomplish with SQL Accounting. For instance, you could want to “hide” transactions containing sensitive keywords, such as “Director fees” or “bonus,” from individuals who have access rights in cash book entry for recording expenditure transactions. You may guarantee the confidentiality of your users’ data by giving them advanced security transaction exclusions, which are only available in SQL accounting.

Tips & Troubleshooting

troubleshooting expert

Problem 1: “My application keeps getting slower.”

When indexes are shown at this point, it is essential to check if maintenance procedures are in place to maintain them and, if so, how frequently. This may indicate that a maintenance schedule needs to be written or, if feasible, carried out more often. Unfortunately, the maintenance plan provided by SQL Server for index rebuild and rearrangement could be more configurable. Another choice is to employ internal or external script solutions. We suggest using and modifying the solution. Changing the Standard Fill Factor for indexes might offer a solution in some situations. However, it’s important to remember that this configuration option applies to the whole instance and will thus be utilised for all databases.

Problem 2: “Generating my reports (SSRS) takes forever.”

The maximum permitted RAM was reduced from 7GB to 5GB, resolving the issue in the short term. But SQL Server still needed 7GB once a month. This has to be dealt with downstream. Options include

  • more RAM
  • increase in RAM for SQL Server only during the monthly import
  • import optimisation

When setting the maximum allowed RAM for SQL Server, it’s crucial to remember that SQL Server will reserve the RAM even if it’s not being used. Otherwise, this makes sense because it stops data from being loaded repeatedly each time it is requested. While installing SQL Server, performance counters that the Windows Server Performance Monitor may monitor are also established.

Problem 3: “Data generation in my application takes a week.”

The auto-growth limit was raised to 2GB. Additionally, the permission “Perform volume maintenance operations” was given to the SQL Server service account. You can review the dangers this entails in the Microsoft documentation. When building a database, it will typically be necessary to adjust the default parameters for file size and growth to meet the needs of the relevant application. Even if application providers are already working on solutions, it is still essential to verify the integrity of set values because the data volume for each user may vary.

How do I update for my SQL Accounting Software

update SQL account software to latest version

1. Backup SQL Accounting Database- Make sure is BACKUP !
2. Uninstall the SQL Accounting & Firebird 2.5 in windows control panel
3. After download the setup file & Firebird 3.0, double click on it and install.
4. Follow the instruction of setup file until finish.
5. Create new DCF file & Restore backup database.
6. First time login to new version, will ask for upgrade database, click yes to upgrade.
7. Done.

When is the best time to change your Accounting Software

is time to change your outdated accounting software

SQL Account Software can make managing the finances of your business much easier, but it’s important to know when is the best time to switch over. It could be when you’re looking for a better user experience with more automated features, or when you’ve revised your strategies and you need an accounting solution that can adapt to these changes.

SQL Account Software allows for multiple users, so if you’re in a large organization, undergoing many changes with frequent updates, SQL Account Software could be the perfect fit for you.

The support team at SQL Account Software is also highly experienced and can aid in making the transition to their software as seamless and painless as possible. With everything in mind, take the time to consider SQL Account Software if your business is at a stage where switching over might bring greater efficiency and savings.

A-Plus is a reputed supplier of certified SQL account software. The SST certification is undoubtedly appealing! You receive total value for your money in addition to application knowledge. Choose the best accounting software right now! And you can download a free trial of SQL Accounting Software now!




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