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SQL Account is an accounting software that is suitable for all businesses, from small businesses to large organizations. It is crucial to find a business solution that suits the nature of your business. The right accounting software will broaden the horizons and expand business opportunities for you. Choose the best accounting software in Malaysia for your company. SQL Account Software is user friendly & can be integrated with no fuss.

Sql account software
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SQL Accounting Software
Favoured Features

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Access your account & manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Batch Emails Statements

Email statement to all your customer individually with password encryptions in one simple click.

Special Industries Version

Accountant set, shipping and forwarding, property management, construction, distributor, motor vehicle system, photocopier meter.

Real-Time CTOS Company Overview Reports

Provide SQL Account users a financial standing overview of their customers and suppliers. Helping users make better business risk assessment.

Advance Security Locks

Allowed users access into the documents with restricted by advance level locks, such as hide salaries in cash book.

Intelligence Reporting

Comprehensive reporting such as commission collection reports, tracks your top 3 profitable customers, annual comparison of profit & loss.

Why SQL Account Is Important For Your Team

Accountant using SQL Accounting software  

SQL Account is an important tool for managing and organizing data. It’s a relational database management system (RDBMS), which allows users to create, access, and manipulate data as tables of information. This can be helpful for teams because it allows them to track and store data in a way that makes sense for their business operations.



For example, a company might use SQL to create a table of customer contact information, including name, address, phone number, and email address. They could then use this table to access customer data quickly and easily when they need it. This could be useful for things like customer service inquiries or marketing campaigns.


Additionally, SQL Accounting also enables your team to quickly and easily develop reports and dashboards. By writing simple SELECT statements, your team can extract the data they need from the database and present it in a meaningful way.

Advantages of Using SQL Account

A man using accounting software to calculate tax return

There are many advantages of using SQL accounting software which is why it has become so popular among businesses. Some of the key benefits include:

1.Increased efficiency and accuracy-  By automating your accounting process, SQL software helps to increase efficiency and accuracy. This means that transactions are processed more quickly and there is less chance for human error.


2.Improved decision-making – The data collected by SQL software can be used to generate detailed reports and analysis. This information can help business owners make better decisions about their finances and operations.

3.Cost savings– Automating your accounting process with SQL software can save you time and money. The software is often cheaper than hiring a full-time accountant, and it can  free up your staff to focus on other tasks.


4) Greater flexibility – SQL software is highly configurable, which means that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. This flexibility allows you to change the way your accounting process works as your business grows and changes.


5) Improved customer service – By providing accurate and up-to-date financial information, SQL accounting software can help improve customer service. This can lead to more repeat business and referrals.


If you are looking for a way to improve your accounting process, SQL software may be the right solution for you. Contact A-plus today to learn more about how this accounting system can benefit your business.

sql payroll

SQL Payroll Software
Favoured Features

SQL Payroll software brings simplicity into the complex nature of Human Resource management. This payroll software comes equipped with HR management, leave management, PCB tax calculator, and is compliant to Malaysia labour laws & government regulations.

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Certified By Statutory Bodies & 100% Accurate

Compliant with employment requirements in Malaysia. Inclusive of KWSP, SOCSO, LHDN, EIS, HRDF, EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, Income Tax CP39, and Borang E ready. SQL Payroll software is ready to use with minimal setup for all companies.

Electronic Submission & E-Payment Ready

SQL Payroll Software E-submission format are prepared for all banks in Malaysia. Maybank, CIMB, HLBB, Public Bank & many more.

Batch Email Payslip

Securely send payslips to employees using batch email with password encryption.

Comprehensive Management Reports

Print payroll summary, yearly payroll individual report, contribution info report & many more.

Unlimited Year Records

Records salary info for unlimited amount of years & print EA forms for any year.

E Leave Mobile App

Apply for leave anytime anywhere with speedy approval from management. Get managerial view of individual leave reports and EA forms.

dashboard view of sql accounting

SQL Accounting Software Pricing

SQL Account Cloud Accounting & Invoicing

RM 79
  • • RM 60 per additional users
  • • Sales Tax (Accrual) & Service Tax (Payment Basis) Ready
  • • Open Period, No Need Year End
  • • Daily auto backup
  • • Unlimited level of sub account on P/L & B/S
  • • Advance Drill from Anywhere Down to the Source Document
  • • Batch Email statements with password encryption
  • • Advance security lock user on hide certain keywords within Payment Voucher / PO etc

SQL Account Cloud Accounting, Invoicing &Inventory

RM 109
  • • RM 60 per additional users
  • • Sales Tax (Accrual) & Service Tax (Payment Basis) Ready
  • • Open Period, No Need Year End
  • • Daily auto backup
  • • Unlimited level of sub account on P/L & B/S
  • • Advance Drill from Anywhere Down to the Source Document
  • • Batch Email statements with password encryption
  • • Advance security lock user on hide certain keywords within Payment Voucher / PO etc
  • CTOS company overview
  • Foreign currency with accurate realised gain/loss posting
  • Build in report designer for desired printing format eg PO, Invoice & etc
  • Comprehensive Sales Reports with flexible paramater setting
  • Flexible unlimited user defined fields
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SQL accounting system helps our companies manage accounts easily and can be used by anyone even without an accounting basis. It is user friendly and yet affordable accounting system. A-PLUS provide good supports and services as well! Thank you!
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I’m using SQL cloud base, accessible anytime, increase productivity at anywhere. I love that it’s easy to understand and use for your data management needs and is suitable for Startup Company as well.